Don’t Miss the Migration

Hi folks, I’m moving all my online operations over to (and getting rid of the dual-posting nonsense). As a consequence and for a limited time everybody will have access to Patreon-supported posts for free. But the exclusive content is intended to be exclusive, so enjoy it while you can. And that’s really all for…

Trick Train your CNS, get stronger

There’s some truth in the idea that training stability can make you stronger. Provided that we are talking about the right kind of stability and the right kind of strength. (Around 2.400 words, estimated reading time 12-15 min.)

Training from Scratch (IV): Stability (2)

‘Functional’ exercise pays lip service to biomechanics but forgets about mechanical stability, and that’s too bad because you can’t spell ‘biomechanics’ without ‘mechanics’.

The “Law of Irradiation” on Trial

Reactions to Part III of The Science and Bullshit of Lifting made me realize that there is more to ‘irradiation’ than I initially thought. (About 2.800 words, estimated reading time 12-15 min.)

On Bullshit [Short]

Before 1986, ‘bullshit’ was just another slang term for lies, nonsense, and exaggeration. In 1986, Princeton philosopher Harry Frankfurt published On Bullshit, which proposes a theory of bullshit that made the notion precise and available for further analysis. Analytic Fitness™ is, in essence, an application of Frankfurt’s theory of bullshit to so-called ‘science-based’ fitness. Frankfurt’s…

Training From Scratch (Special): What muscle does that work?

This is an excerpt of a Patreon-supported post published exclusively on for my Patreon supporters. The full post contains 350% more information.[1] In order to read it, you need to: (1) register a pledge (rewards start at 1$/€1€/4₪)) and: (2) accept an invitation from WordPress to become a reader. The process is a minor…

Training from Scratch (II): Strength

Building on the theme of the first part of this series, this post looks at the benefits of strength training for longevity. (Around 3500 words, estimated reading time: 15-18 minutes.)