Training from Scratch (IV): Stability (2)

‘Functional’ exercise pays lip service to biomechanics but forgets about mechanical stability, and that’s too bad because you can’t spell ‘biomechanics’ without ‘mechanics’.

On Bullshit [Short]

Before 1986, ‘bullshit’ was just another slang term for lies, nonsense, and exaggeration. In 1986, Princeton philosopher Harry Frankfurt published On Bullshit, which proposes a theory of bullshit that made the notion precise and available for further analysis. Analytic Fitness™ is, in essence, an application of Frankfurt’s theory of bullshit to so-called ‘science-based’ fitness. Frankfurt’s…

Training From Scratch (Special): What muscle does that work? [Excerpt]

This is an excerpt of a Patreon-supported post published exclusively on for my Patreon supporters. The full post contains 350% more information.[1] In order to read it, you need to: (1) register a pledge (rewards start at 1$/€1€/4₪)) and: (2) accept an invitation from WordPress to become a reader. The process is a minor…

Training from Scratch (II): Strength

Building on the theme of the first part of this series, this post looks at the benefits of strength training for longevity. (Around 3500 words, estimated reading time: 15-18 minutes.)

The “Law of Irradiation” on Trial #1

Reactions to Part III of The Science and Bullshit of Lifting made me realize that there is more to ‘irradiation’ than I initially thought. (About 2.800 words, estimated reading time 12-15 min.)

Old School Strength (II): Nemo Metuit Facere…

Part I traced ‘Old School’ strength to the training of the Roman legions after 107 BC. Part II takes a closer look at the sources. (Around 6.000 words, estimated reading time 30. min, only 22 min if you already know your classics.)

Training from Scratch (I): Cardio

Let’s take a hypothetical situation: you need to start training from scratch. What would you need to know, do right now, plan for the foreseeable future, and beyond that?

Yoga for Lifters (Part II): Loaded Yoga [UPDATED]

Yoga for Lifters (Part II): Loaded Yoga [UPDATED] [UPDATE 04/2018. Originally published in 10/2016, it’s not as crappy as Yoga for Lifters (Part I) because I get fewer things wrong, but it’s still far from what it should be. Namely, everything in this article can be derived from biomechanics principles in a much more systematic way….