Slow cooker Cajun beef

Re-post from #Lazybuthealthy because this recipe kicks ass. If for no other reason. Also, the macros are awesome.


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This is maybe the laziest recipe I’ve ever done. Lazier than that is takeaway, and we wouldn’t like this, would we? It is also one of my favorite slow cooker recipes, so I thought I couldn’t keep it to myself any longer. I had to share it with you guys. Because I love you. And this recipe is pure love. Okay, maybe a bit of meat too. And some spices. Cajun spices to be exact. My very own special Cajun spices mix.

I have known and appreciated Cajun cuisine since I was young, because after all, this is almost like French cuisine, albeit with a Louisiana twist. No? Well, maybe I’m simplifying the matter a bit too much here, but what I can say for certain is that I’ve been experimenting with this cuisine for a long time now. My aunt even brought me back some cookbooks…

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